Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 2 - Fav Animal

So, here we go... day 2 with topic fav animal.

My fav animal? absolutely cats!

All my close friends has already know how much I attach with this cute little thinghy. Even my mom once told me since I was a baby, I always easily attracted to cats. And im fancy to all cats, whether they just street cats or sophisticated cats. I do love all of them. As matter of fact, my cat pets are always 'street' and usual cats. The different just they all have good looking fur.

The picture above is not my cat. I've stopped petting cats since 8 years ago, just before i went to NL. My last cat was looked like that cat above. and i loved her so much.

I do have lot stories about cats and i'd love to re-telling my experience with my last cat, Totol, to my husband.

Eventhough, i was not petting a cat anymore, my life is always surrended by cats. At NL, i have a neighbour who has big & orange cat who always tried to enter my room. Here in my room, there are lot of street cats who already close to me, to begging food of course :D. I named one of them Tempur. :D

I never naming my cats with fancy names. In fact, i created their name with font 'T'.

My first cat was Timun
My second cat was Terong
My third cat was Totol
My adopted cat ( and rejected by my hubby, LOL) was Tempur.

See ? I'm not joking. :D

Well ofcourse, i also love rabbits and i've ever pet them once, however, I think cats is far more cute than them. They are spoiled, i know, but their spoiled are cute, arent they :D ??

Well to tell you how much I love cat. I dont like Tom in Tom&Jerry. That movie makes fun with cat. Not all of them is stupid like Tom!!!! :D

They are cute and their cuteness could defeat everything. Who stands on cat eyes as in Puss in Boots ? Fiona didnt!

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