Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How's life?

I'm okay,anyway. Quite hectic with my work, but i'm still having fun :)

Just like any other employee, I have my routine in my daily life. Wake up on 6.30 AM, take a bath, do some make up (yes, i'm make-uping now :)), take a breakfast when i have a time and off to work with busway which i still have to walk for 5 minutes.

When waiting bus, i will not stop wonder why private cars must use bus road, when they have their own road. In the beggining, i felt so angry with them. But now, i just getting used on it when i still can not tolerate them. I feel like they take my right to ride on that special road. I can not accepted that. My journey hour to work are various depends on the road's situation. When all smooth, i only take15 minutes, when it was heavy rainny, it will take one hour.

The thing that i would like to share to all my friends who still stay in Holland, the life after we back to Indonesia was not difficult as we thought. There are some differences, i guess, simple example is the limited time and facilities to access the internet. In the beggining, it was difficult, but then you getting used on it and use that time for another activity... reading, for me. I am a book worm now. Just like when i was highschool.

About the cultural shock etc... well just remember, you live in Indonesia longer than live in Holland. You will survive, you will getting used on it. You can be, like MTV's says, be local think global.

Fortunately, now i live in kos2an which make me independent with my own time. and also fortunately, i live in Jakarta, which quite individually. I know, some people (except my daddy and my bf) maybe gossiping about me and my decision. But i just don't care. When some people giving advices about what i should do in my life, i just smile and say thank you. I go with my life and my decisions.

Funny thing, after three weeks i havent meet my daddy, in one of phone conversation, i said to my father " Yah, kok kita belum ketemuan ya dalam 3 minggu ini,"
Ayah was kinda kagok when i split that, and reply , " Ok. mau makan dimana?" :)

Maybe i bit lucky, because when i back to Indo, I don't have to back to live with my daddy. And i am very lucky because my dad never ever push me. He just let me go and think that i am mature enough for that. I love you dad :)

there are things i like and i hate. There are lot things should i think carefully about my future. Sometimes, i stop and think, do I choose the right path? But when i am thinking i still 22 and young, i just dont give a heck on it. There are lot of oppurtinities in the front of me, and i am prepare myself for the best.



*gubrak, aku kagok nulis pake bahasa inggris X(


upi said...

aaaah.... kamu ngekos...
ntar kalo aku pulang indo, aku boleh maen2 kan boel...
kangen banget ma kamu..

Black tangerine said...

akhirnya update juga ...heheh ..
sibuk ngapain skrg ? salam yah kalo ketemu sama dika.. suruh dia update blog juga

Oma Nia said...

lho skrng kerja di mana bulan? di jkt tinggal di daerah mana?