Friday, April 20, 2007

here and there

hey hey,

as you may see, i put adsense and some 'cute' stuffes into my blog, such as twitter (my whereasabout), google news, (well honestly, i got influenced from mba nesya and ulma), and stuff that blog should have *believe me, i learned about this in some journals, they says thay you should have it* LINKS :p

well, i used to have links (was from donneeh). however, doneeh was down, i just to lazy to search another blog links. since i know, bloggger provides it in their blogger beta, i decided to use it again.

and adsense? well, just try to use it, but until now my account stil $0,00 :D huahuahau i think is not that easy to get money from online advertisement, tough :)

thesis? well, on the way :D wish me luck!, i only have one month left to do it. :(



Anonymous said...

Baru di click tuch AdSense-nya, hayo bagi keuntungan :-D

Unknown said...

bul bul, gw dulu juga dah sign in buat adsense, trus abis rombak2 blog, lupa klo punya, dan baru2 ini jg pasang lagi. tp terus, gw mo sign in ke google adsense.. ga bisa2 yah..knp yah?

bulan said...

masa? passw nya masih sama? *itu kan pake account gmail kan? hmmm
ga tau deh :P

Unknown said...

iya.. gw pikir jg gtu. tp terus si adsensenya bilang "account adsense tu beda ma google" or something like thatt.. ga tau juga deh ah..