Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kiss the girl - litlle mermaid..

For Disney lover,

i found two videos from one scene in little mermaid, song called Kiss the girl..

here is the first one, the original one,..

here is the second one, remix from Ashley Tisdale, kinda different from the original one, but i prefer this one.. dont know why, but this song more catchy and more pop :P

which one do you prefer? however, i like christmas time, because there is lot of kids anime movie in TV, and story about sinterklass, share happines in christmas, and etc, it is lovely even though i dont celebrate christmas :D
in NL, the spirit, the aura is different than other day, and it seems look all people put smile in his/her face,

well.... have a merry merry christmas and happy newyear :)

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