Sunday, June 19, 2005


guys girls..
*argh, i am just got denying situation here..
with writting in this post..
quite amazing, almost one month - or is it? -
i closed this blog..

now, i am still want to closing this blog,,
thinking to make new layout to my blog ;)
maybe this blog will open in july..
or maybe not, considering i should go home to Indonesia thus july..

not sure about all of this..

but, nice to see you all out there..

till then, people..
1 or 2 months/...maybe soon or maybe later...



Ninit said...

hey bulan!
jadiii kenal sama icol? huehuehue... dia kakak kelas pas sma :)

Anonymous said...

Loh, kok ditutup sih...kaget aku...

Iya kmrn itu reuni smp3... angkatanku bnyk yg gak dtg juga kok... Gak tau deh acaranya sukses apa enggak..