Tuesday, October 19, 2004


*i wondering why does moon's links not appears? is there something wrong (again) with doneeh.com?*

anyway, hmm.. where i should start it?
hmm... first, since friday, the holly ramadhan has come, and for everyone who read this blog, forgive me if there are any mistakes i did.
this is my second Ramadhan in this sin-city, Amsterdam. there are no specials from welcoming this Ramdhan, only me who often recall myself that i will held ramadhan since one week before.
My family? my dad and my bro haven't called me or -just simple- texted me to say anything about this Ramadhan... hwaaaa I miss my mommy...

ya sudah, itu cerita sedih, pas hari pertama ak bener2 lonely banget.. puasa pertama, sahur sendiri, mbak Indri lagi ga puasa, trus siangnya ke gementee...*ID ku dah jadi* trus ke rumah Lau, chit chat, ampe jam 3, pulang ngerjain tugas, maen SimCity, trus buka sambil nelpon Jihan, trus pergi beli shoarma depan rumah. :)
wakakakka.. sounds pathetic..

then, I texted my dad, my bro and my sista-in-law- wanna be, to say that i was so patehtic here, buka and sahur alone.
then, my sista-in-law wanna be, reply me and say that they didnt forget me and say dont be sad bla bla bla, but it was enough to make me smile. Then My dad also called me to say about how are you, bla bla bla and he want to going to Shanghai and he promised to called me from there, and he did it :)

overaal, yesterday was nice buka puasa, mbak indri and me was cooked Opor Ayam and kolak for buka's menu. And all is lekker!!!! (or maybe because i was hungry?)

mmmzz... no special today beside i have to go to school for meeting and you know... the presentations has delayed to 1st november.. :D wakakakakakka
finnaly, i sill have times to do another assignments... and i still have time to take a breath from all of these suck assignments *uups..sorry,my mistake*
and good news, i still can go to rotterdam for PPI belanda.. heheheh i miss you guys..

bye, doei, dah

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