Friday, October 01, 2004

foto2 narsis

taken from my new web cam... yippi... finnaly, i bought a webcam.. well, i dont think that picture is nice..because, compare than Logitec webcam.. my TRUST webcam has low quality..
but.. I really happy can buy it...with my owned money... (ya iya lah..) :D ..

these photo above? doesnt even think about it... just about my narcist who will appears if i touch some stuff that can make a picture..(hp camera, digitalcamera or webcam) .. :D

well, just for my curios, how was my cerpen going? is that good? or? ehmm.. give feedback, please,,,... thank you... :)

whitty, my blog.. i miss him..

oh ja, tomorrow or -according indonesia time- today, SMU 3 Semarang held a pensi (festival) which will invited toophat and ten2five.. the cost fee is 35 ribu rupiah..

wow, my OSIS's dare of you held something 'big' like this... but.. i proud of you, guys.. keep your working... :) ..

ok, have to go aight now... :)

miss him

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