Saturday, September 18, 2004

new style?

i asked to myself. 'whatz up .bulan? since so long time you havent change your layour or just adjusted it to make it better and now, without prepared anything,you changed your blog?'

well,maybe my mood for re-design this blog was back..
that photo above taken at vondel park ,last spring..
i just blur the picture and adjusted it with photoshop 7. isn't it nice?
well... after changed the font and take away the -unuseful- guestbook..
now, the result is like what are you looking now...

people asked me.. are you a pink lover?
well, unfortunately, i am absolutely not..

so,why you picked pink as your blog's theme?
emmm dunno... pink just the color which i was thinking when i created this blog..
in the real, i am a blue maniac...

well. i still have a problem in adjust my archive.. does anybody want to help me?
i really have no idea to arrange it well..

ehhmmm last no least, please enjoy my re-designg-with-same-layout- from moon's effect blog...


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