Tuesday, September 07, 2004

just want drop in to say..
sorry for him, ..
i was slept and i didnt heared your text message..
so, sorry coz i let you waited my respond without know that i was in dream that time.. :D

:) ..well, no class today..
but, now, im waiting for laura who will come to my home..
and sending her works..
still lazy to take a bath and still stuck in the front of my laptop..

mas adi told me that he already met anggie , well such a good news..
i really happy with the both of you, sis..

new years already begin.. setting up my mood..
rethink about my plans for next 6 months..
enjoy my life ajah ah.....

gotta go, have to take a bath now...


mas adi told me that i should didnt use kusjes because maybe make some people thinks wrong .(Ge er apa yah inggrisnya? )
well, how many people who are understands what kusjes means? (many,probably :P)

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