Monday, October 03, 2011

The 'it' gadget

Thus, i'm  in the mood for sharing our own gadgets.

As i quite happy with my gemini blackbery 3G as my phone for this last 2 years, I still think that I need another gadgets ( Ipad) just to fulfill my passion for games (hehehehe). I love Ipad, however the size makes me reluctant to bring it mobile and since the internet connection in Indonesia not good for 3G Ipad, im thinking to find another gagdget for gaming, Fortunately, my hubby's office give Iphone 4 for bonus, and i claimed it as mine as usual :D.

Well, since those gadget have been reviewed by lot of people, i want to share gadget that I love to have to support my other gadget, which is Samsung E 1150. :D

Why i love this product?
- The model : flip phone. I've been eyeing on flip phone of any brand since long ago, however the price never set me up, and the choices of flip phone in Indonesia is not much compare to other phones.
- The price : Only Rp. 325.000,- ( ambassador price). well, that explain it all.
- The battery longevity : Well, this is what i mean the feature to support my other gadgets. Since BB and Iphone the battery only last for only  12 hours, this phone can long for hmmm more than 5 days? Actually, i just charges on last week  Sunday, the day when I bought this phone, and until now it still have full power. What can I say? :D

Anyway, just don't think any fancy for this phone. The feature only simple, what important for me is only the mobile phone to call and send text, others features will be plus, but not necessary. And this suit well with this Samsung. The feature, beside basics, only have radio, alarm & super simple game app. Even this Samsung, on this era 21st century, doesnt have any camera application. That simple.

So, since my others gadgets only last for 12 hours, for urgent matter, worry not, my Samsung E 1150 will back it up to me :D Yihaa..


nizzy said...

why press when you can touch??

bulan said...

wow jihan on the blog world, we should celebrate it :D :p

Eh... ini back-up gadget tauu.. saya beli cuman gara2 baterenya tahan lama, dan itu kan weakness nya smartphone terbaru :p