Monday, May 30, 2011

Rumah Kutu - Updated

As in schedule, it should be done on 12/13 June, and I really hope that they can make it on time. *kalo gak bayar uang kos lagi booo*.

The kitchen is the first subject that pay our attention, since kitchen needs more time to build-up than others, so here's the lastest kitchen update. ( Basically, all has already set-up, except the gas , stove and sink )

And the others are really still in construction. What i love from my Rumah Kutu is the fact that we have big mirror ( this is so helpful to make the room more spacious). And now we still waiting for cupboards and bed room on main room, and once again, hope they can make it on timeee... :)

*eheehh that was us, back from our short trip to Bandung for our old friend, Nefry, wedding. :) and on Sunday we went to Ciawi, visited Deni's relative who sick for almost months. She is 94 years old. And we've informed that this morning she passes away. Deni said she was waiting for me to visiting her. Errr. X-)

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