Friday, March 19, 2010

After Deadline Syndrom

fuuuh, it's been almost 1 month not wrote anything, actually there few new things in my life that make my life not that boring.

A regular visit to gym, a new hair-cut, really new, because i cut it short, which i enjoy so much. and a new ring in my left finger. :)

and today, i wrote, because i just passed my April issue deadline, which i think this is a big relief before upcoming deadline is coming again. Well, that's my life now. couldn't complain anymore.

However, in the stuck time like this, i really need to planning a getaway, which i usually did to boost my spirit up. However, with the big plan this year, i should make a finance allocation well, and in fact, there is some wedding to attend this year, and few of them is outside Jakarta, which of course, i should plan holiday in their wedding dates, i think.

and as matter-of-fact, i read a lot these days. Every time i felt down, i drag myself to a bookstore and bought some books.

Last time, i bought " Mind Your Change" self-help book, this book actually talks general thing about how your positive mind could change the perspective in life, which also effect on your daily basis habits. Actually, it works. When you feels positive, whatever your doings and things will be gonna positive and will be a positive thing come into your life. And vice versa. A good book actually, i should finish them.

ok that's all, bye for now, how come i forgot that writing in my blog is some kind of stress relief to me ? i should doing this more often.

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