Friday, October 17, 2003

get a boring time since msn is going at school computer,..
coz i can connect again to worldwide. *too hyperbolic , bulan......*
On positive result, without msn, al my work going better,...
Did yo think msn is satan that distrube on the progess for dooing my assingnent?...:D

But, I think msn also heaven , place to decresed my frustation.... :)

Woa,.. school,... could you please connecting msn messengger again...?

after this i will get dinner at winny rooms,...
she is birthay now,..

happy birthday for Okky and Winny,..

Huh,.. i glad if i can say "thanks God, it is Friday"
coz after this I have to study for my exam and finished all my assignment,..
wish me luck,...

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