Thursday, September 19, 2002


Im so mad,bad, but didnt cry....!
I hope i can handle myself,
i have "break" with Alul....
He have a much problrm that he have to said "break" to me,
about him family n study!
I dont know what i felt
i just.... feel love myself so much
and feel doesnt want to lost myself.
im not child like Alul said.
I know myself so much, n i know when my heart and soul i used optimall,
n i know i dont care with anyone who didnt love n care with me
i just want do something that i know is right and its follow with my instinc, heart and soul.

i dont want to cry

its just wasting my time.

bulan, ypu didnt broken , just break....
just believe to you, alul en your relation during one year.

And believe to youself , love yourself..

sweet bee

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